STATHS NE Alumni Association Membership Application     

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STATHS NE Membership Information Extract: 

1) Membership: A member of the St Andrew Technical High School, Alumni Association North East Chapter is someone who applies for admittance into the Association by completing a membership application form (electronic or printed) to join.


The levels of membership are:


i) Full Member

A full member is the person who has attended St Andrew Technical High School, St Andrew Technical Vocational Trade School or Evening School, and is desirous of treating the needs of this secondary institution as a charity. To maintain this type of membership, designated persons shall simultaneously meet the following requirements:


  1. pay annually, the prescribed subscription for membership on or before the specified due date;
  2. must not maintain this category of membership in any other Chapter of STATHS Alumni Association;
  3. be willing to serve as an officer or to serve on at least one committee/sub-committees of the Association as needed.


ii) Nominal Member


A nominal member is the person who did not attend St. Andrew Technical High School, but may have had other forms or connections to the institution e.g., as a teacher, staff, coach, volunteer or other.  All such candidates upon applying for membership should: 

  1. pay annually, the prescribed subscription for membership on or before the specified due date,
  2. attend in person or virtually at least one meeting or one social function and/or contribute time/cash to the Association’s recurring fundraising ventures (e.g., Gala, Fish Fry, Raffle, Barbecue);


However, he/she is not eligible to vote or nominate candidates for election, nor will he/she have a say in the workings of the Executive Committee, nor can he/she nominate candidates for election.


2)Terms and Conditions of Membership:


Membership in the Association will be for a period of the current fiscal year and is renewable on an annual basis upon payment of the annual dues. 


Notice of Renewal of Membership


On January 5th of each year the Chapter Secretary or his/her designee, shall send to membership renewal notifications to all eligible members in accordance with the categories outlined above. The said package shall contain:


  1. A copy of the most current By-Laws
  2. The Minutes of the Last General Meeting Held
  3. A list of names of the executive members and their executive



The package that is sent to new members who hold membership in eligible categories must also include:


  1. Notice of Election of Officers positions that will be eligible for Nomination and the skills and qualities that eligible candidates must possess.


(5) Membership fee schedule:


Members who join the association or renew their membership any time during the period, January 1 to December 31, shall pay subscriptions as follows:



Subscription US$

Votes allowed








Changes to the annual membership fee shall be determined by a 2/3 vote of the Full members at the annual general meeting.