STATHS NE 20th Anniversary Celebrations 


20 Stories For 20 Years


As St. Andrew Technical High School Alumni Association NE Chapter (STATHS NE) celebrates its 20th Anniversary, we will be sharing the stories that have shaped us for the last twenty (20) years.

Story #8 – Dinner Dance Story:


Since its 2003 inception St. Andrew Technical High School Alumni Association Northeast Chapter, (STATHS NE) has hosted 16 Fundraising Dances. The 2020-2021 Covid 19 years prevented us from hosting, but under normal circumstances the first Saturday in October is a calendar staple, when our alums all meet and catch up.

The format of the Dinner Dance is a mixture of business and pleasure. The principal of our alma St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) is flown in by the NE Chapter, and he gives an annual report. The report covers all aspects of the progress of the school, including the exam results of the students and the current programs at the school. The principal also reports on the contributions made to the school by our alumni chapter over the past year and how it is utilized at the school. The Alumni President gives an update on the fundraising ventures of the association, and the support of the community that donate to our causes.

Typically, two members of STATHS NE or other persons who have supported STATHS NE are recognized and awarded with a Meritorious or Distinguished Award. These awards are the way STATHS NE thanks individuals for exemplary, services which goes beyond the call to serve.

Scholarship checks are handed over to the principal, and members who are making any other form of monetary donation or scholarship uses this time to present them to the principal.

Amidst the formal Dinner Dance program alums are reuniting with and reminiscing about past events and activities. Once the program is over, the "Dance" portion of the Dinner Dance begins and members flock to the dance floor to enjoy the stimulating beat of the DJ. 

Although the annual Dinner Dance is not our best fundraiser, we recognize that this event allows us to socialize as a group, hear from the principal and share an annual report with our donors so that they are aware of how their donations are being utilized. These events have been mostly held in the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx, but no matter where it is held, you can rest assured that STATHS NE will be hosting our Annual Dinner Dances annually because the Dinner Dance Story is a part of our rich legacy and epitomizes 20 years of successfully running an alumni association for the benefit of our alma mater.

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #7Jerome Palmer Thank You Letter


October 11, 2013

Mr. Courtney Richards, President

STATHS Alumni N E Chapter

Springfield Gardens

New York, USA

Dear Mr. Richards,

In the month of August, I was informed by the past-principal, Dr Curline Christie, that I was selected to represent the school at the alumni’s 10 Annual Ball. The trip was wonderful, but it was not a result of itself. It was the persons who were instrumental in the planning on the front and back stage. What made the event what it was is the people. The one’s that sacrifice their time for the wellbeing of all. It was you. I will be as to the point as possible.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. Cicero, 'Pro Plancio,' 54 B.C.Words cannot sentence my gratitude for the many gifts that you all have given to me. Of the many gifts – the clothes, laptop and phone, I have received something that goes beyond (and will survive) all of the above. Hope. This is a mental assurance amid my physical hardships that I have a shoulder, no shoulders to lean on whenever and wherever. 

I do not want to call names and put myself in trouble, but I think it is necessary to give to ceaeser what is his or hers. I want to thank the person who bought the ticket(s), Uncle Peter for his words of encouragement, understanding, warm heart and transportation to and from the airport, Aunty Ann is a wonderful lady. Your hospitality, smile, consideration and thoughtfulness and that which came from the family (Aunty Sharon, Granma, Shawna, Sky, the twins and uncle) I truly enjoyed and miss, Uncle Richards and Al Din, The Duo, I am speechless. You have taught me many lessons, which includes not wearing black to a banquet, but the most important was indirectly taught. It is leading a life as a man of society. Uncle Melbourne has the best barber I have ever been to. Sir Melbourne is a keen listener. An attribute that has been made silenced by people’s inclination to their own words. Thanks again for the grooming. Member of the banquet that warmed my heart with kind sentiments of encouragement. There was a lady, I don’t remember her name, but she was compelled to tell me about where she is from to where she is now. Those few minutes mentored me well, Aunty Melanie Forrest and all the members of the North-East Chapter that made this journey possible. I cannot continue without acknowledging Aunty Christie.

Tears engulfed the corners’ of my eyes when I reflect at my six days visit. The tears are not for the soil of the country but for the persons who in sincerity have touched to crescents of my heart. The experience was a humbling experience that I would invite you to bless with other welfare recipients.

Thank St. Andrew Technical’s North-East Chapter and may God strengthen you all.

Sincerely yours

Jerome K. Palmer

Sixth Former



"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #6: Wayne Thomas Capital Project Initiative


St. Andrew Technical High School produced a bountiful crop of students who are passionate about their beloved Alma Mater and they demonstrate this passion with how much they give back to the school. Whether they collaborate with one of the Alumni Associations or go at it solo, the generosity of these past students of STATHS is bountiful.

Wayne Thomas (Class of '84), a member of STATHS NE, quietly renovated the male and female Changing Rooms as a solo mission. Wayne singlehanded financed the renovation of the Male Changing Room in 2021 and the Female Changing Room in 2022. Both changing rooms were outfitted with high-tech equipment and top-of-the-line material.

Wayne also donated a ride-along- lawn mower to the school in 2022.

He undertook such capital investment projects with the quiet stoicism and class that cannot be learned but has to be a significant part of one's DNA.


"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #5: Capital Project Basket and Netball Courts Renovation



Since its inception in 2003, STATHS NE has donated to or financed several capital projects at the school. Often, a STATHS Alum will go maverick or join with other like-minded individuals and embark on their own projects, thus opening up alternate channels outside of the Alumni Associations to give back to their Alma Mater. These individual or group efforts may be in the form of scholarships, gifts to specific areas of the school or financing the improvement of specific area of the school grounds.

The renovation of the basketball and netball courts was one such project. Led by Melbourne Newell (Class of '79), Michael Minto (Class of '80), Errol Boreland (Class of '83), Michael G. Williams, (Class of '83) and Wayne Thomas (Class of '84), these gentlemen combined their resources, engaged other Alumni members and hired Pave Limited to repave the basket and netball courts on the school’s compound. The courts' renovation initiative was valued at US$40,157.67 (J$6,023,649.84). Mr. Melbourne Newell engaged the company in December 2022, and the final payment was made on August 4, 2023, thus affording him a good night's rest, knowing that this account was paid in full.

This "Courts Renovation Initiative" is an example of STATHS men manning up and making a huge difference.

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #4: Our Scholarships to the students at STATHS

Since its inception in 2003, STATHS NE has donated Scholarships totaling over US$85,700 to St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) students. Every year, the Association donates US$ 5,000 in scholarships ($500) each to students who need financial assistance to attend school regularly. In 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak forced the shutdown of all the schools in Jamaica, the STATHS NE Scholarships were given in the form of laptop computers to assist in remote learning.

Over the years, several students have stepped up and donated their scholarships in a monetary form or through the donation of laptops or other learning devices. In response to the school shutdown, the Graduating Class of 1975 and 1979 donated twenty laptop computers to the schools for the students to use on the premises and returned to the office after each use.

The John Gordon Scholarship was established in 2016 to honor the memory of the late John Gordon, a member of the Class of 1982, stipulating that the recipient is an incoming first-year student from Balcome Drive School.

In 2015, the late John Mitchener bequeathed US$10,000 in his Estate for US$500 Scholarships each to a final year Engineering and Home Economics student annually.

In 2017, Mr. Lowell Hawthorne donated US$ 1,500, which was used for Scholarships for several students at STATHS.

The trend of donating Scholarships to students is ongoing as more and more people see the need to try to make a difference in the lives of these students and the future of our beloved country, Jamaica.

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #3C: Our Gifts to STATHS

Students at the tail-end of unloading a container of donated desks and chairs from STATHS NE, in the earlier years:

Years 2005-2013


Provided scholarships for eight (8) students for a total value of $3,200, shipped school supplies including books for the library, obtained and  shipped Seven (7) desk top computers


Donated Scholarships; Renovated the two (2) Football Playfields making it possible for the school to hosts Manning Cup games and helping the school to save thousands of dollars in rental fees, began working on the establishment of five computer laboratories. Donated over 20 desk top computers


Continued Annual donation of scholarships that helped to defray the cost of books, examination fees, lunch and travelling expenses


Offered Annual Scholarships


Offered Annual Scholarships; Exploration of underground water production wells to find potable ground water intended to supplement the existing water supply


Provided Annual Scholarships


Provided Annual Scholarships; Collected $6000 from members to send a container of school furniture including desk and chairs


Student support: $4000 in scholarships and awards

Individual Members sponsored students at $500 per student

Supported the Mathematics and Science Department with a donation of books

Facilities Maintenance: $3500 worth of tools to restock the Building, Mechanical Machine, Welding and Auto-Mechanics Departments

Provided classroom and Teaching Aides: shipped 300 combination desks/chairs, teacher’s chairs and desk, overhead projectors estimated costs of over $12,000

Economics Department: provided cake decorating tools and other items valued over $2000. Member spent a week tutoring students and teachers in utilizing FONDANT as a cake decoration


Donations totaling over $60,000 including annual $4000 Scholarships; Donated Classroom furniture; Home Economics and other sundry items

Story #3B: Our Gifts to STATHS

STATHS NE Public Relations Officer loading desks and chairs onto a container bound for STATHS

STATHS NE made these donations during the following years:

Years 2014-2018


Provided 10 scholarships, 4 sponsorships, photography equipment, musical equipment, lockers and gym equipment, stationary supplies, computers, hair dryers and wash basins for the Cosmetology department.


Provided external examination fees to over 20 students, donated $1700 towards the lunch program, sponsored races at the SW Isaac Henry Track meet. Made significant  financial contributions to off-set the travelling expenses of the STATHS participants attending Penn Relay in Philadelphia Pennsylvania


$5000 in Scholarship from STATHS NE

$4000 for Lunch Program

$300 to the Agriculture Department to purchase and raise 5 dozen chickens up to the weight of 5 pounds

$2000 for transportation and housing for STATHS Athletes attending Penn Relays

12 Smart Boards


$5000 in Scholarship from STATHS NE

24 Smart Boards and 20 projectors

288 Chairs and 104 desks

Sick Bay: 5 wheelchairs, 3 walkers, 3 oxygen tanks

2 laptops and 2 desktop computers, plus supporting equipment for computer labs

4 boxes of folders, binders, notebooks, pens/pencils

Purchased eight 800-gallon Rhino Tanks for water harvesting


$5000 in Scholarship from STATHS NE

$3000 for Mentorship Program

$1000 from Winsome Cunningham for Lowell Hawthorne Memorial Scholarship

$3,178 for hotel accommodation for athletes and coaches attending Penn Relays

Donated $600 to six members of the Penn Relay Team

$3000 to start Solar Energy Project

580 in shipping costs for 50 desktop computers and 10 printers received from the United Nations

Initiated the supplemental support to the breakfast program

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS "STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and

Story #3A: Our Gifts to STATHS

The 20 Stories for 20 Years Series will continue as STATHS NE showcase the gifts and donations made to STATHS since 2003. This will be presented in increments of five years.


In addition to providing $6,000.00 in scholarships, the Chapter contributed $3,000.00 to the school’s mentorship initiative. That same year, the Chapter paid $3,178.00 for hotel rooms that housed the track team members and presented $600.00 to the five athletes who represented the School at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, USA. The school was also gifted $3,000.00 to start the solar project. At the same time, $580.00 was used for shipping 50 desktop computers, ten printers, and other computer accessories, donations obtained for the second time from the United Nations for the school.

The contributions continued to improve with each successive year, outperforming the previous.


The efforts of the members this year, resulted in an overall contribution to the school of $24,890.00. The donations were spread across several projects and initiatives: annual scholarships, $6,500.00; mentorship program, $1,500.00; breakfast, $2,900.00 and lunch program, $7,103.00.

The Chapter also responded to new requests as follows:

  • provided LED lighting to the library at the cost of $450.00.
  • provided $250.00 gift certificates as incentives to graduates who achieved honors;
  •  $550.00 was used to purchase lanyards and cases to produce student identification cards; 
  • $1,146.00 was used to buy 42 pairs of sneakers, which were donated to the sports department.  
  • $450.00 went towards 60 tee shirts and seventy-eight pairs of socks.
  • The Vocational Building department received $6,850.00 worth of tools, which included table saws, bench saws, routers, sanders, replacement blades, sanding belts, and cartridges.


The year 2020, being the first year of the pandemic, brought with it a massive effort to help STATHS to continue to reach students in their homes during the lockdown period. The efforts of the Chapter were increased, as we bonded to keep our school afloat. We continued with the annual scholarship of $6,500.00 and an additional $12,970.00 were provided for individual scholarships. The classes of the 1970s led by Mr. Cedric George, donated 12 laptops at a total cost of $4,320.00. Principal Hibbert launched a care package program that involved purchasing food items that fed over 40 families of students. This led to the principal receiving an award from the Ministry of Education due to the school's positive response to assisting students and their families during the shutdown. Ms. Winsome Cunningham led a collection effort that contributed $1,000.00, which was donated to the care package project. The Chapter used $5,083.65 to purchase two twenty by twenty-foot tents, shipped to the school for extension classrooms  to maintain social distancing protocols for the students and teachers returning to the brick-and-mortar buildings. An additional $19,000.00 was donated to fund the revamping and expanding the school's computer network. This enabled the school to achieve Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the physical plant. Other initiatives included the funds that member Ms. Dayon Chambers collected and used to purchase 1,400 masks and the $55,000.00 in personal funds that Mr. Wayne Thomas used to renovate and convert the male changing room into a state-of-the-art smart building.


In 2021, the 2nd year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chapter awarded $7,000.00 in scholarships. Also, in that year, Mr. Wayne Thomas used an additional sum of $40,000.00 in personal funds to renovate and modernize the female changing rooms. He also donated a "Toro 75754 Time cutter 5000 My Ride" riding lawn mower, valued at $4,477.00, which the Chapter shipped to the school to aid in the upkeep of the playing fields.


The year 2022, ushered in more benevolence through $6,000.00 in scholarships,  the donation of a television set, an edge trimmer, and school supplies at a combined value of $1, 340.00. Member Dr. Paula Morris undertook a special initiative to help the school's netball team to enter the ISSA U14 competition; her efforts netted $1,350.00.

The year 2022, also saw the Chapter's culmination of its long-term fundraising project, "Get on the STATHS Bus Drive," which began under the leadership of Ms. Melanie Forrest George, in November 2020, with a Virtual concert. The goal was to raise $50,00.00 to purchase a bus for our School. This dream was realized in November 2022, when our drive netted approximately $69, 000.00, which was used to purchase a 30-seater Toyota Coaster Bus for the School the following year.


In this year, our efforts shifted to helping our School continue to provide an education rich in academics but balanced by opportunities for students to play sports. The stellar performances of the Manning Cup team for four consecutive years and the dedication of the football management team influenced this shift in plans to provide additional assistance to the school's sports programs. These encouraging outcomes have caused chapter members who are keenly interested in sport, i.e., Michael Minto, Melbourne Newell, Wayne Thomas, and Errol Boreland, to become the main funders of the capital project, which has resulted in the resurfacing of the school's basketball and netball courts to the tune of $4,000.00. Ms. Ruth Simpson, a member, and former Olympian, contributed $1,000.00 to this capital project. An initiative by Dr. Paula Morris, a former President of Netball Jamaica, resulted in a net contribution of $3,000.00, which was used to purchase and ship, new backboards and rims for the basketball court. Additionally, the funds raised were used to buy 40 training tops and 20 bottoms, an official match ball, and four training balls for the school's netball program. In another initiative by Mr. Michael Minto, the School's track and field and basketball teams were outfitted with footwear and uniforms valued at $5,000.00.

A further $266.00 was donated by Mr. Neville White, Ms. Evette Campbell, and Ms. Michelle Nathan, which was used to purchase 30 sports bras for the under-14 team. In a separate academics-focused initiative, Mr. Neville White sought to upgrade the auto mechanics facilities of the school. Under the first phase of this effort, Mr. White donated a diesel engine along with the relevant curriculum training aids, and the Association purchased an additional hybrid engine. In phase two of this initiative, he will work with the institution on an auto mechanics engineer internship program that his company the United States of America is interested in pursuing with the school.

Several members of the Association visited the School in April 2023 to present the school with the gifts of the bus, the resurfaced playing field, the two engines and the uniforms.

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #2E: Founding Member Leo Bailey

Leopold Bailey (affectionately dubbed Leo) is a member who attended STATHS between the years of 1970 and 1974 and is a Founding Member of STATHS Alumni Association, NE Chapter (STATHS NE). Leo is still actively involved in the alumni association, having served as Public Relations Officer and Assistant Public Relations Officer for many years.

Over the years, Leo has sponsored students at St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS), donated to the Scholarship Fund Program and made several other donations to the school. Leo has also supported the Dinner Dance Journal through the purchase of personal ads. He also regularly provides food items, beverages, or cash to contribute to STATHS NE Annual Family Fun Day or Annual Fish Fry. When called on, he rolls up his sleeve and mans the hot dog or the corn grill at Eisenhower Park during the Family Fun Day.

While serving as Assistant Public Relations Officer, Leo rearranged his work schedule to deliver STATHS NE 501(3)(c) state-mandated contribution to the Make a Wish Foundation, and he ensured this was photographed for the Dinner Dance Journal. As an established member of the insurance industry, Leo often offers his service and encourages STATHS NE members to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage. He is also a Registered Representative of the Securities industries which allows him to guide his clients in Rolling over their 401K retirement savings into IRA plans.

Dedicated, well-versed individuals like Leo are one of the reasons why STATHS NE has thrived for twenty years, serving members of the Diaspora and our beloved alma mater.

This is Leo’s feeling about STATHS NE turning 20 years old:

"The creation of, and the participation in STATHS NE is the clearest sign of love and appreciation of our high school. Happy 20th Anniversary STATHS NE".

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #2D: Founding Member Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown is a Founding Member and a graduate of STATHS Class of 1974. Leroy may be described as the “strong silent type” who regularly attends meetings, soaks up all the happenings, and only speaks to impart sound knowledge. If there is an opening for the “most private person” in STATHS NE, Leroy would fit the bill to the teeth. Although a man of few words, Leroy’s knowledge of STATHS Bylaws is extensive. During heated discussions, he will calmly point out, “That is not in the Bylaws.”

He was also the only person who could explain to the author that “UJAA is involved in education, supports early childhood education in Jamaica, and has a Basic school in the western part of the island.”

Leroy served as the STATHS NE Treasurer and then Assistant Treasurer for many years and graciously stayed on in the position when the president asked him to continue to serve until the next round of elections. For many years, Leroy would dutifully go to Eisenhower Park on the Monday after the “Superbowl” to reserve the STATHS NE Family Fun Day picnic area. He was also the keeper of the mailbox, who made sure that the fees were paid annually.

Leroy quietly donates to all of STATHS NE ventures. When the Solar Panel project was in its infancy, Leroy wrote a personal check to support this program and intended to purchase a couple of panels. He selflessly turns up early to help to set up and is always ready to spring into action when needed at the STATHS NE Fish Fry Fundraisers.

This Founding Member, who has never stopped attending the meetings, said this about STATHS NE turning 20 years old:

"Well done STATHS NE, I hope that the next 20 years will be even more enjoyable and successful".

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #2C: Founding Member Vernon Clarke

Vernon Clarke is a member of the Class of '75, one of the three graduating classes that founded STATHS NE in 2003. His sister, Violet Clarke, also a Founding Member, graduated in 1975 like her brother, and the NE Chapter greatly benefited from being tagged team by these dedicated siblings.

Since the inception Vernon has proven to be a solid, dependable Alumni who stood up for the betterment of the Association and was without bias in his decisions regarding the development of the NE Chapter. Vernon went on to serve as a pioneer member of the Nomination Committee in 2014, and he helped to pen the rules regarding the nomination and voting process of STATHS NE. Vernon's dedication to seeing the NE Chapter grow had him fulfilling several roles, and he has been known to roll up his sleeves and work as a Bartender at the Spring Fetes and Dinner Dances. He also worked the Beverage Pit at the Family Fun Days.

Over the years, he has never wavered in his support for STATHS NE and by association STATHS. Members of the NE administration can always reach out to Vernon to pick his brain about past activities and to get his advice on some issues, and he would always be responsive in a positive way. During the festivities at various STATHS NE Dinner Dances, Vernon will find the current President and express deep appreciation for the work being done by the Chapter to better the children at St. Andrew Technical High School. He has always been a dedicated and valuable founding member. In this the 20th year of our celebration, we salute him for his passion to serve and his dedication to his alma mater.

His feedback on STATHS NE turning 20 is as follows:

Wow 20 years! It seems like last week Courtney called and said the school needed help and thus STATHS NORTHEAST was formed. The early years were a struggle, but we had a dedicated group of individuals who were willing to put the work in and thus a solid foundation was laid. I am glad to see the reigns have been passed onto capable hands to take the organization into another twenty years. HDS"

STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty

Story #2B: Founding Member Anthony Mano Salmon

Anthony Salmon, affectionately dubbed "Mano" since his days at school, is one of the Founding Members and the longest continuous serving Alum on the Executive Body. Mano was appointed Executive-at-Large and has worked with all five of the Association's Presidents in that capacity. He has embodied the position, and his service to STATHS NE encompasses all the roles of the Executive Body rolled into one. Mano is the best Ambassador ever to represent STATHS NE, and his constant networking has catapulted STATHS NE into one of the most influential organizations within the Diaspora.

Mano never clocks out of his role as STATHS NE Executive-at-Large. To grow the Association, he recruits members year-round and fundraises through pre-selling tickets to our major fundraisers. He perpetually has a stock of STATHS NE Events Flyers on hand to distribute and advertise an upcoming event. In addition, he is the "Lebron" of top sales for UJAA Raffle Tickets, and his record remains intact year after year.

Mano is the quintessential STATHS Alum who loves his Alma Mater. He visits the school every time he is in Jamaica and continues supporting students even after graduation. As recent as the December 2022 Meeting, Mano rallied the NE troop to aid a STATHS grad studying in the US who could not afford to travel home for Christmas. Mano lives the creed that once you have walked through that "oasis in the desert," your life has changed to one of service and gratitude. 

Mano's musings about STATHS NE celebrating twenty years are as follows:

"I am Anthony Mano Salmon, a proud graduate of St. Andrew Technical High School (1971-1975). Twenty years ago, I was invited to be 1 of 12 Founding Members of the STATHS Alumni Association Chapter, Inc. 501 (C)(3), to which I am continuously serving as the Executive at Large with Honor, Diligence, and Service".

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #2A: Founding Member Horace Campbell

Horace Campbell is one of the Founding Members and the current President of STATHS NE. Horace has been a very active member of the Chapter since its inception, and one of his most significant contributions to the Alumni Association is the level of work that he has dedicated to the By-Laws which governs the operations of STATHS NE. Horace co-authored the By-Laws and has spearheaded all of its updates and revisions. He has also spent most of these years on the Executive Committee, always committing himself to make a positive difference in the young minds of the students at STATHS.

In addition to being one of the Founding Members of the Alumni Association, Horace was also a Pioneer student of STATHS, who attended School under the first principal Mr. John Austin Holmes. Here Horace shares his thoughts on STATHS NE celebrating its 20th Anniversary:

"Congratulations to all our members, past and present, who have been a part of this successful and amazing journey. It wasn't always easy, but through it all, we weathered the storms and the adversities and hung in there, only because it has ALWAYS been about the students and the school and never about us. I have never forgotten the academic foundation my alma mater afforded me. I am thankful to be a part of this great association where I can fully express my gratitude. Thanks to all our donors, friends, and family for hanging in there with us throughout these 20 years. We had many wonderful and memorable moments that we will always cherish. We are still having fun. So, we invite you to join us and become a part of this passionate and dedicated family of STATHS Alumni as we continue the journey".

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #2: The Founding Members

STATHS NE was founded by 12 Alums, who are spread over four graduating years.

They are as follows:

Class of ‘66

Class of ‘74

Class of ’75

Horace Campbell

Ron Ingleton

Alvin Jackson

Class of ’79

Leo Bailey

Leroy Brown

Alton Lewis

Clarence Cook


Courtney Richards

Anthony “Mano” Salmon

Vernon Clarke

Violet Clarke

Eldon Napier

These twelve Founding Members were instrumental in getting the Association up and running by outlining its vision and mission, writing the By-laws, and, more importantly, applying for a not-for-profit status under the IRS code 501 (c) (3) to authenticate its operations. They also have been relentlessly recruiting other STATHS Alums to sustain and guarantee the Chapter's longevity. Along the way, they organized various fundraising events and executed many valuable projects for the school.

Five of the Founding Members who are still happily active in the NE Chapter are as follows:  

  • Horace Campbell served several terms as Vice President, supporting three different past Presidents, and now serves in the capacity of STATHS NE President

  • Anthony (Mano) Salmon has been a dedicated Executive-at-Large since its inception while being a "Public Face of STATHS NE"

  • Ron Ingleton has served as the Public Relations Officer for many years and also as President

  • Leroy Brown served many terms as the Assistant Treasurer

  • Leo Bailey served as the Assistant Public Relations Officer for several years

Many years had passed since they were students of this noble institution, yet these past students were able to find each other and effectively organize themselves in an effort to make their Alma Mater better for the present students. This speaks to their appreciation of the academic foundation that STATHS provided for them, and hence the high esteem in which they held their school when they committed to giving back. In the context of the Jamaican Diaspora, one can surmise that their commitment has benefitted their Alma Mater and, more so, the wider Jamaican society.

In the earlier years as a fledging Association, these pioneer members were only too aware that the challenges would be many. However, they stuck together, knowing that great things come about due to many sacrifices. They endured and overcame every obstacle that cropped up as they toiled in service to their distinguished Alma Mater. They were determined to "reach back and pull forth" as many current students as they could through this esteemed Alumni Association that they had founded.

Over the last two decades, STATHS NE Membership has grown to over 150 paid members. The Association also attracted a host of non-STATHS Supporters and Well-wishers, thus extending its influence throughout and beyond the region, allowing it to play a pivotal role in the life of the school.

The Founding Members' outstanding contributions continue to be a source of pride and inspiration to the school, the wider community, and the island nation of Jamaica, the land of their birth and the ground that they love. STATHS NE is especially indebted to Courtney Richards, the first President who served in this capacity for ten (10) consecutive years as they established the longest-serving Alumni Association in the school's history.

Let us all continue to salute and honor these Founding Members throughout this milestone year for their vision, sacrifices, and dedication to their alma mater STATHS..

Honor Diligence Service

"STATHS NE is 20 for 20, and we give back to STATHS Plenty, Plenty"

Story #1: Inception

When a group of twelve St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) past students with a high level of enthusiasm met at the Caribbean Immigrant Services office in Queens, New York that faithful Saturday afternoon in December of 2003 to form an Alumni Association, none of them had any idea that 20 years later it would still be a viable and very successful organization. At that very first meeting, STATHS Alumni Association North East Chapter was born. That meeting marked the genesis of a movement that was committed to making a positive difference in the lives of
young men and women at their alma mater by providing
financial assistance and educational resources to assist in the sustainable growth and well-being of those students. Their early focus was to adopt the school’s motto of Honor, Diligence, and Service. The members are grateful to Irwine Clare SNR, OD for providing that initial meeting place and for encouraging them to move forward at full speed to consolidate their thoughts
and ideas, and, that they did.

The early years, as expected, were challenging ones as most members had hardly any experience in forming an alumni association. In his inaugural message where he invited individuals to join, the first President, Courtney Richards, said, “Yes, we are young, but we can only grow and with growth comes knowledge and wisdom”. The first order of business was to find a suitable name; establish an executive body with the appropriate number of positions; decide on the frequency of meetings and finding a suitable meeting place to conduct the business. Since those first two meetings, thanks to the generous offer of Angela Cooper, also the first secretary of STATHS NE, the members were able to meet monthly at her home in Queens, NY for the first 10 years. Within the first year the Association elected its executive officers and wrote its Mission Statement:


The members also developed the objectives to support the mission and those steps that were necessary to raise funds through subscription and promotion of social and cultural activities. These donations are raised in order to provide scholarships to deserving students and to encourage, inspire, and motivate them to become the best that they can, so that one day they would be able to find and take their rightful place in our society.

During 2004, the members focused on writing the rules under which STATHS NE would operate. This would lead to the creation of its by-Laws. STATHS NE acknowledges and thanks the then Florida and Toronto STATHS Alumni Chapter members in those early years for providing copies of the foundation documents from which those by-laws were developed.

The Association now had to live by the principles of those by-Laws. Despite its struggles and setbacks in the early days, it was very evident that this Association was destined to make a significant difference to the school and its students. This was based on the never-ending drive to succeed, and the passion and selfless attitude of those pioneers. The members who joined later would stay and bring their individual talents and skills while readily adopting the successful attitudes and behavior of those pioneers. Their commitment to the group and adherence to the rules continue to enhance and strengthen the Association’s Mission. That is one of the main reasons why there is a STATHS NE.

Along the journey, as in any worthwhile endeavor, there were obstacles and challenges to overcome. As each one was faced and conquered, the association was only made stronger. Solutions to challenging issues were obtained through a strong democratic principle of majority rule, in conformance with the by-laws. This strict adherence to the democratic process was successfully employed in decision-making, especially in those early years and still exists today. As a relatively new Alumni Association, these decisions were made and accepted by all. Even those in opposition played a necessary and useful role in the contributions made to the school, which were many in those early years.

In 2005, following the completion and ratification of the by-laws, the Association filed for and obtained its charter as a 501(C)3 “Not for Profit” entity in New York State. It was during this year that the Association made its first substantial contribution to the school. Computers were acquired and shipped and within two years, the school was able to upgrade and modernize its own computer lab. Other notable contributions followed, including sporting equipment, tools for the machine shop, an engine for the auto mechanic shop, cake decorating training, home economics materials, and tools for cake decorating. A shipment of library books, pens, pencils, folder leaves, etc. secured at the soon to be Annual Family Fun Day was just the beginning of a trend which continues today.

With regards to student assistance, the Association also initiated the Sponsorship Grants and the Scholarship Program in 2005. Initial financial support was given to eight students and it was during this time that some members drew on their personal resources to sponsor and provide much-needed financial assistance to other students. Since then, scholarships and sponsorships have been provided to a minimum of ten students annually. The then Principal of the school, Dr. Curline Christie, ably administered the scholarship and sponsor programs. As the Association slowly matured it continued to develop a great relationship and partnership with the Principal and the Chairman of the School's Board of Management. For their part, they have also continued to enable and encourage STATHS NE every effort, which continued with all succeeding Principals and School Board Presidents.

But STATHS NE did not accomplish all these on its own. The Association must also acknowledge the importance of the partnership that we have developed over these years between the Association and our very generous supporters in making our mission successful. It is because of their support and generosity that STATHS NE has been able to keep going. Your on-going support of our fund raising and other events have helped to foster an environment where some students who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to succeed, have been given the means to learn and to reach their full potential. STATHS NE, the Principal and these students are very grateful to you. There have been many individuals supporting the association and everyone is important to our survival. In subsequent Stories, STATHS NE will identify and acknowledge those individuals. We also would like to take this time to recognize those pioneer individuals who served the Association as Executive Members by providing leadership for the group. Those who have served in those capacities have the gratitude for all for their services and willingness to accept those responsibilities. These individuals will be recognized in Story #2 as we continue to celebrate our twenty years of service to STATHS.



Each year we donate at least ten (10) Scholarships valued at $500 each to needy students as part of our mission.


Help Current Students

We also assist needy students with a donation of electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, money for lunch, breakfast, books and school fees and food baskets.


Support Our School

We are constantly engaged in donations of school furniture, equipment for the trade center and computer labs, as well as financial assistance for infrastructure upgrades.



We Build Our Community When We Build our School

When STATHSNE assist our school with the donation of computers, network equipment, workshop equipment and student scholarships, this builds the capability of the school to support the surrounding community.










STATHS NE Provides  Scholarships For STATHS Students!

Our Alumni Association  enables you to harness the power of this network to assist disadvantaged students at STATHS. This may be in the form of  school fee payment, textbook purchase, uniform purchase, payment for school meals and the  purchase of necessary school stationery.