STATHS NE 7th Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser  



Although the COVID-19 Pandemic had been moderated, the Delta Variant strain became the dominant strain that kept many schools from having in-person classes. As such, virtual classes were still ongoing at St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) and most of the schools in Jamaica. However, despite the continuous drawbacks posed by this deadly virus, STATHS NE Alumni Members continued to fundraise and contribute in financial and material patterns to help the students and faculty to continue in as standard a setting as possible. STATHS NE was able to carry on in 2021 as we did in 2020; and continued our fundraising activities without missing a beat.

STATHS fundraising and other ventures planned for 2021 included:

• A Drive-by Fish Fry
• The Annual Family Fun Day Picnic at Eisenhower Park
• Participating in the UJAA Raffle
• Continuing the sale of STATHS Memorabilia
• Supporting the STATHS Solar Program
• Continued fundraising to purchase a School Bus
• Donation to the St. Vincent’s and Grenadines Volcano Relief Fund
• Donation to the STATHS Trust Fund Inaugural 5K Run/Walk
• Providing a scholarship to UJAA High School Graduates Award Program

The Year 2021 was also a milestone year in which STATHS celebrated its 60th Anniversary. The Public Relations Committee launched a “60 Cheers for 60 Years” Campaign, where for over sixty (60) days, they shared historical facts about the inception of STATHS on the STATHS Facebook Page. They also paid Tribute to all the principals who served at the school since its inception. STATHS NE President then continued the celebration of STATHS’s 60th Anniversary by recognizing several STATHS Alumni members for their contribution to the school and the Alumni Association.

STATHS 60th Anniversary was also celebrated with a virtual fundraising gala event where all five (5) STATHS Alumni organizations collaborated to kick off the “Solar Program Project.” This collaboration was a historical event since at no time in the school’s history have all the Associations ever banded together in such a remarkable manner.

Wayne Thomas (Class of ’84), funded and over saw a State-of-the-Art Renovation of the Boys’ and Girls’ Changing Rooms at STATHS. He also donated a Ride-Along lawnmower to STATHS NE, which is to be presented to the school. Thanks also to the families of Anthony Kitchener and Carline Prendergast, who provided funds to the STATHS NE for Scholarships on behalf of their late family members who were STATHS Alumni. Scholarships were also donated by STATHS NE, STATHS NE members and other graduates who have consistently donated annual scholarships to STATHS Students.

STATHS NE Member Cedric George (Class of ’75) was presented with an Award for Service to UJAA, at the UJAA 31st Anniversary Gala Luncheon on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

This year our fundraising activities were overwhelmingly supported by our members, their families, and friends, and for that, we are grateful. Thanks also to all the volunteers who went above and beyond in their services and donations, which allows STATHS NE to continue giving back to STATHS.


Our Mission

To provide financial assistance and other support to St. Andrew Technical High School and its students in Kingston, Jamaica In furtherance of the mission stated above, STATHS Alumni Association North East Chapter shall: Provide a forum for communication between the school and its graduates to encourage the current student body to strive for excellence and maintain the dreams of the founding members. Take the necessary steps to raise funds to support STATHS by subscription, promotion of social and cultural activities. Promote the mutual interest of the Association members provided that this is covered without using the Association as a vehicle for individual self-gain. Make possible donations for charitable and or educational purpose. Co-operate and participate with other organizations whether incorporated or not which have objectives in whole or part to and similar to the objectives of the Association

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This year STATHS NE 2020 Scholarship are varied and they come from several sources.
STATHS NE Chapter has donated 10 Scholarships valued at US $500 each and this year the Scholarship is in the form of a laptop computer plus US $100 for our beloved students.
The STATHS Family and Friends Scholarship is donated by Melbourne Newell and his associates who donated 14 Scholarships in the form of a Laptop computer and US $100 for 14 students.
The John Gordon Scholarship donated by STATHS NE Members through a monetary collection, is a $500 Scholarship, in the form of a Laptop Computer and US$100 and is to be awarded to a male student from Balcome Drive School.  The late John Gordon was a member of the Class of 1982 who passed away 3 years ago and his friends are keeping his memory alive through this scholarship.
Individual Members have also donated an additional 6 Scholarships value at $500 each also in the form of a laptop computer and US $100.
The individual Scholarships are as follows:
1.  The Melanie Forrest-George and Kirk Thompson Scholarship
2.  The Clenton & Claudette Cunningham Scholarship donated by Winsome Cunningham in honor of her parents
3.  The Class of 1964/1966/1969 Scholarships 2 scholarships donated by Doreen Yee, Sheila Edie, Merlene Fray and graduates of classes 1964, 1966 and 1969
4.  The Mitchner Scholarship 2 scholarships, donated by the late Anthony Mitchner (Class of 75)
5.  The Karlene Cousins Memorial Scholarship 2 Scholarship donated by Peter Cousins in memory of his late wife of the Class of 1979
The following Scholarships are Cash Scholarships between $200 and $500 where the donors want their Scholarships to be awarded to the recipients as Cash
1.  The Rose Sisters Scholarship donated by Michelle Rose Nathan and her sisters
2.  The Una Maud Chambers Scholarship donated by Dayon Chambers in memory of her mother
3.  The O&S Investment Group LLC Scholarship 2 Scholarships donated by Sandra Hamilton and Oswald Powell
4.  The Norman Price Scholarship, 2 scholarships donated by Norman Price
5.  The Tyrone Burgess Scholarship 2 scholarships donated by Tyrone Burgess
6.  The Sharon Marie Leslie Scholarship
7.  The Stafford Harris Scholarship



Each year we donate at least ten (10) Scholarships valued at $500 each to needy students as part of our mission.


Help Current Students

We also assist needy students with a donation of electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, money for lunch, breakfast, books and school fees and food baskets.


Support Our School

We are constantly engaged in donations of school furniture, equipment for the trade center and computer labs, as well as financial assistance for infrastructure upgrades.



We Build Our Community When We Build our School

When STATHSNE assist our school with the donation of computers, network equipment, workshop equipment and student scholarships, this builds the capability of the school to support the surrounding community.










STATHS NE Provides  Scholarships For STATHS Students!

Our Alumni Association  enables you to harness the power of this network to assist disadvantaged students at STATHS. This may be in the form of  school fee payment, textbook purchase, uniform purchase, payment for school meals and the  purchase of necessary school stationery.

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