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The STATHS Bus is at the school! Members of STATHS NE cut the ribbon at the handing over ceremony of the newly purchased STATHS Bus to the school.


Our Mission

To provide financial assistance and other support to St. Andrew Technical High School and its students in Kingston, Jamaica In furtherance of the mission stated above, STATHS Alumni Association North East Chapter shall: Provide a forum for communication between the school and its graduates to encourage the current student body to strive for excellence and maintain the dreams of the founding members. Take the necessary steps to raise funds to support STATHS by subscription, promotion of social and cultural activities. Promote the mutual interest of the Association members provided that this is covered without using the Association as a vehicle for individual self-gain. Make possible donations for charitable and or educational purpose. Co-operate and participate with other organizations whether incorporated or not which have objectives in whole or part to and similar to the objectives of the Association

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When a group of twelve St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) past students with a high level of enthusiasm met at the Caribbean Immigrant Services office in Queens, New York that faithful Saturday afternoon in December of 2003 to form an Alumni Association, none of them had any idea that 20 years later it would still be a viable and very successful organization. At that very first meeting, STATHS Alumni Association North East Chapter was born. That meeting marked the genesis of a movement that was committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young men and women at their alma mater by providing financial assistance and educational resources to assist in the sustainable growth and well-being of those students. Their early focus was to adopt the school’s motto of Honor, Diligence, and Service. The members are grateful to Irwine Clare SNR, OD for providing that initial meeting place and for encouraging them to move forward at full speed to consolidate their thoughts and ideas, and, that they did.

The early years, as expected, were challenging ones as most members had hardly any experience in forming an alumni association. In his inaugural message where he invited individuals to join, the first President, Courtney Richards, said, “Yes, we are young, but we can only grow and with growth comes knowledge and wisdom”. The first order of business was to find a suitable name; establish an executive body with the appropriate number of positions; decide on the frequency of meetings and finding a suitable meeting place to conduct the business. Since those first two meetings, thanks to the generous offer of Angela Cooper, also the first secretary of STATHS NE, the members were able to meet monthly at her home in Queens, NY for the first 10 years.

Within the first year the Association elected its executive officers and wrote its Mission Statement:


The members also developed the objectives to support the mission and those steps that were necessary to raise funds through subscription and promotion of social and cultural activities. These donations are raised in order to provide scholarships to deserving students and to encourage, inspire, and motivate them to become the best that they can, so that one day they would be able to find and take their rightful place in our society.

During 2004, the members focused on writing the rules under which STATHS NE would operate. This would lead to the creation of its by-Laws. STATHS NE acknowledges and thanks the then Florida and Toronto STATHS Alumni Chapter members in those early years for providing copies of the foundation documents from which those by-laws were developed.

The Association now had to live by the principles of those by-Laws. Despite its struggles and setbacks in the early days, it was very evident that this Association was destined to make a significant difference to the school and its students. This was based on the never-ending drive to succeed, and the passion and selfless attitude of those pioneers. The members who joined later would stay and bring their individual talents and skills while readily adopting the successful attitudes and behavior of those pioneers. Their commitment to the group and adherence to the rules continue to enhance and strengthen the Association’s Mission. That is one of the main reasons why there is a STATHS NE.

Along the journey, as in any worthwhile endeavor, there were obstacles and challenges to overcome. As each one was faced and conquered, the association was only made stronger. Solutions to challenging issues were obtained through a strong democratic principle of majority rule, in conformance with the by-laws. This strict adherence to the democratic process was successfully employed in decision-making, especially in those early years and still exists today. As a relatively new Alumni Association, these decisions were made and accepted by all. Even those in opposition played a necessary and useful role in the contributions made to the school, which were many in those early years.

In 2005, following the completion and ratification of the by-laws, the Association filed for and obtained its charter as a 501(C)3 “Not for Profit” entity in New York State. It was during this year that the Association made its first substantial contribution to the school. Computers were acquired and shipped and within two years, the school was able to upgrade and modernize its own computer lab. Other notable contributions followed, including sporting equipment, tools for the machine shop, an engine for the auto mechanic shop, cake decorating training, home economics materials, and tools for cake decorating. A shipment of library books, pens, pencils, folder leaves, etc. secured at the soon to be Annual Family Fun Day was just the beginning of a trend which continues today.

With regards to student assistance, the Association also initiated the Sponsorship Grants and the Scholarship Program in 2005. Initial financial support was given to eight students and it was during this time that some members drew on their personal resources to sponsor and provide much-needed financial assistance to other students. Since then, scholarships and sponsorships have been provided to a minimum of ten students annually. The then Principal of the school, Dr. Curline Christie, ably administered the scholarship and sponsor programs. As the Association slowly matured it continued to develop a great relationship and partnership with the Principal and the Chairman of the School's Board of Management. For their part, they have also continued to enable and encourage STATHS NE every effort, which continued with all succeeding Principals and School Board Presidents.

But STATHS NE did not accomplish all these on its own. The Association must also acknowledge the importance of the partnership that we have developed over these years between the Association and our very generous supporters in making our mission successful. It is because of their support and generosity that STATHS NE has been able to keep going. Your on-going support of our fund raising and other events have helped to foster an environment where some students who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to succeed, have been given the means to learn and to reach their full potential. STATHS NE, the Principal and these students are very grateful to you. There have been many individuals supporting the association and everyone is important to our survival. In subsequent Stories, STATHS NE will identify and acknowledge those individuals.

We also would like to take this time to recognize those pioneer individuals who served the Association as Executive Members by providing leadership for the group. Those who have served in those capacities have the gratitude for all for their services and willingness to accept those responsibilities.



Each year we donate at least ten (10) Scholarships valued at $500 each to needy students as part of our mission.


Help Current Students

We also assist needy students with a donation of electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, money for lunch, breakfast, books and school fees and food baskets.


Support Our School

We are constantly engaged in donations of school furniture, equipment for the trade center and computer labs, as well as financial assistance for infrastructure upgrades.



We Build Our Community When We Build our School

When STATHSNE assist our school with the donation of computers, network equipment, workshop equipment and student scholarships, this builds the capability of the school to support the surrounding community.










STATHS NE Provides  Scholarships For STATHS Students!

Our Alumni Association  enables you to harness the power of this network to assist disadvantaged students at STATHS. This may be in the form of  school fee payment, textbook purchase, uniform purchase, payment for school meals and the  purchase of necessary school stationery.

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