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Mission and Objectives Mission:  To provide financial assistance and other support  to St. Andrew Technical High School and its students in Kingston,  Jamaica

In furtherance of the mission stated above, STATHS Alumni Association North East Chapter shall:

Provide a forum for communication between the school and its graduates to encourage the current student body to strive for excellence and maintain the dreams of the  founding members.

Take the necessary steps to raise funds to support STATHS by subscription, promotion of social and cultural activities.

Promote the mutual interest of the Association members provided that this is covered without using the Association as a vehicle for individual self-gain.

Make possible donations for charitable and or educational  purpose.

Co-operate and participate with other organizations whether  incorporated or not which have objectives in whole or part to and similar to the   objectives of the  Association.


Donated Items Shipping  To School

 STATHSNE  preparing  a shipment   of donated items to be shipped   out shortly..more info


Association members who sponsored students received  copies of their report cards..


Our 2014 Spring Dance held at the Adria in May was overwhelmingly supported…



PO Box 130159

Springfield Gardens

NY 11413





Archibald Roberts          

Vice President:

Tyrone Burgess



Melanie Forrest       

Asst. Secretary:

Dayon Chambers    


Melbourne Newell                  

Asst. Treasurer:

Leroy Brown    


Public Relations:

Aleeshia Bailey              

Asst. P R:

Leo Bailey


Anthony Salmon          






Mission and Objectives Mission:  To provide financial assistance and other support  to St. Andrew Technical High School and its students in Kingston,  Jamaica.


STATHS N.E. History and Vision

The Saint Andrew Technical High School, Alumni Association North East Chapter  Inc, was established on December 13, 2003 by 10 past students: Courtney Richards, Ron Ingleton         Leo Bailey, Violet  DaCosta Clarke, Leroy Brown, Vernon Clarke, Eldon Napier, Anthiony Salmon, Horace Campbell and Alton Lewis.  Registered as a non-profit organization, IRS Code 501 C(3) and was incorporated under  the laws of the State of New York  in 2005.

STATHSNE is made up of a group of past students and friends of  STATHS who are dedicated towards helping their Alma Mater provide "An all round education to the Total Child". From the humble beginnings of 10 past students who were committed to the establishment of a chapter in North Eastern USA  to cover New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania Connecticut and Maryland, we have grown to a network of friends and past students in excess of 250 strong.

Our Motto, "Through Honor Diligence and Service, We will make a difference at STATHS" is a clear indication of the Association’s  commitment to the future of STATHS and its students.  With links firmly established in the past, by the sharing of knowledge, service and financial support for the betterment of the school and its students, we will help STATHS deliver quality education to all the students that passes through its doors.

The affairs and programs of the Chapter is managed by an Executive Committee that is elected from and by the membership at an Annual General meeting, all of whom  work on a voluntary
basis. The Committee meets  on the 2nd  Saturday of every month in Queens, New York.  Between 2003 and 2004 the members of the Association met every month and proceeded with
deliberate caution, working out how the association would be structured, what would be its Stand, what programs and services would be provided and what means and methods would be utilized to fund theses programs and services that  the Association would provide to STATHS and its  students.

The Association  launched its inaugural annual fund raising banquet  in New York on November 11, 2005.  At which time messages were delivered from several world and  other political leaders. The Principal of STATHS, Mrs. Curline Christie gave the keynote address. The Association presented the school with a Laptop computer and a check for US$1,000 to be used to help with the refurbishing of several classrooms. Over 200 alumni, friends and sponsors attended the event.   In the summer of 2005, the Association also held its first annual “STATHS Drive” picnic in the park.  Alumni  were asked to bring books, pencils, pens stationary and other sundries that could be donated to the school.  Many items were donated and shipped  to the school with the assistance of the STATHS Alumni Florida Chapter. There were over 100 people in attendance with Alumni attending from as far away as Canada and Georgia.

While 2005 could be described as the Association “Coming Out" year, 2006 could be described as a year of growth and action for the Association. The Association expanded its membership and provided academic scholarships for eight STATHS students provided over US$2,200 to the school for the reconstruction of the two play fields and five computers were donated to the reading laboratory.

 Stationeries, books and various other items that were collected  during our 2nd annual STATHS Drive summer picnic. Once again  this was accomplished with the assistance of the STATHS Florida Alumni Chapter.  The Association held its second annual fund  raising banquet on September 23, 2006, with several dignitaries in  attendance. Once again The Principal, Mrs. Curline Christie gave  the keynote address.  Almost 300 alumni, friends and sponsors
were in attendance. The Association also launched its official Website, STATHSNE.Com
in October of 2006, which is dedicated to the mission of the Alumni Association that of; “providing assistance financially and otherwise to St. Andrew Technical High School in Kingston, Jamaica and it's students.”